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Established in : 2011

Type: Private University

Courses Offered: 9

Why Perdana University?


Scholarships & Financial Aids

The University is offering scholarships &financial aids to students through PTPTN & Perdana University Scholarship.

Student Empowerment

Student Welfare & Services

Perdana University is providing all the support and services to its students by way of convenient accommodation & transport etc.

Hi-Tech Library

Fully accredited programmes

Perdana University has received full accreditation by the Irish Medical Council, MQA & Malaysian Medical Council for its credibility.

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About Perdana University

Perdana UniversityåÊwas established under the Private Higher Education Institutions Act 1996, as a result of a public private partnership initiative by the Academic Medical Centre Sdn Bhd (AMC) and Public Private Partnership Unit of Malaysia?s Prime Minister Department.

In 2011, Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM) was established together with the Perdana University Hospital (PUH). The 140-acre campus outside Kuala Lumpur offers medical education and high quality healthcare to people of all income levels.

Moreover, PUGSOM developed an anatomy section based on 3D computerised disection programmes and realistic plastic models instead of utilising costly human cadavers.

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Perdana University
Block B and D1, MAEPS Building, MARDI Complex, Jalan MAEPS Perdana

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