Institute Types

A public university is one that is fully or partially funded and managed by the national government of the country. The public university is considered economical as compared to the private institutions that charge a lump sum fee for its courses. The students who are looking out for an economical and quality higher education must definitely search a public university for admissions

A private university or a private university affiliated college or simply a private college is not governed by the rules and regulations of government and hence offers more of an independent mode of teaching to its students. The students normally prefer a private college in case they wish to avail a free and independent environment for learning. A private college is also preferred over a public university because of the additional facilities that it can provide to its applicants.

A foreign university branch campus is usually in very much demand by the students who are looking out for admissions in the international or overseas programs and courses under different disciplines. This is so because it becomes easier for the local students to study international programs at an economical cost through a foreign university branch campus.

Private Colleges are the best option for students who fail to get admission in a public university or its affiliated college. This is because a private college will land you in a place where you can find ample of opportunities to grow academically as well as an option to study from a wide range of courses and programs.