Gateway to a bachelor degree: SPM begins on Nov 7

Gateway to a bachelor degree: SPM begins on Nov 7

SPM, one of the most important exams for the students in order to move further in their career has been scheduled for this year too from November 7. The Ministry of Education, Malaysia has already announced the dates for the exam. SPM Certificate is the minimum qualification that every student must possess to pursue higher education in Malaysia. Students from many days have been expecting their dates of exam for the SPM 2016 and now they are ready to appear for the exam as the dates for the examination are out by the government.

SPM is definitely a gateway to a bachelor degree program in Malaysia. The students essentially require the SPM qualification for applying to any college or university degree program. A student can opt for a degree program after their SPM through various gateways.

  Gateway to a Bachelor degree  

After SPM Bachelor Degree Pathways

  • STPM will land you into a reputed international university based on credit you score and school assessments. If you are looking for aglobally recognized bachelor degree then STPM or form 6 qualification will be the best for all students.

  • A Level is another certification that can be done by all SPM qualified students to get admissions in a UK based international university degree program.

  • If you are aiming for a US based international university bachelor degree program then taking admissions in an American Degree Program will be the best option for you. The ADP Program will land you directly in any American University Bachelor Degree Program.

  • Similarly, a student who wishes to do matriculation may opt for the course in any local college or school in Malaysia and get enrolled under a local university bachelor degree program. There is also the option for the students who wish to get enrolled under a Canadian University Bachelor Degree Program to take admissions in the Canadian Matriculation.

  • Another gateway that opens the door to a specific vocational and skill-based degree program for the students completing SPM is a Foundation Course or diploma or special twining programs.

Thus, it would be very important for all the students to complete SPM qualification with required credits and assessments as specified for this purpose. SPM is scheduled to start from November 7, 2016. The first paper in SPM 2016 will be BahasaMelayu. The last paper would be English for Science & Technology to be held on December 6, 2016 only. The complete time table for the SPM 2016 can be viewed by students at the