5 important points to note before your SPM Exams

5 important points to note before your SPM Exams

SPM 2016 is all set to begin from November 7. Students have been rigorously engaged in the preparations for the SPM in Malaysia. The exam being one of the most crucial turning points in a student’s academic life is due to start in the first week of next month only. All those who are preparing for the SPM 2016 in Malaysia must be well prepared with their exam. The students are advised to check their examination schedule well in advance and all other venue details to avoid any last minute hassles in the SPM 2016.


1.Check your Exam Dates

It will be very important for all the students to check their subject-wise exam dates well in advance. The Ministry of Education, Malaysia has already issued the SPM Time Table on its official website. Students must carefully take note of their examination dates so that they prepare accordingly for the particular subjects in the SPM 2016.

2.Collect your venue cards

Students should check the entry ticket requirements, if any, from their respective schools and colleges. The entry tickets will be essentially be produced by students as they appear for their SPM 2016 Examinations.

3.Be on time

Students must take proper note of the time of exam commencement as it would be beneficial for them in solving the questions. Also, you must take proper attention of the time in the examination venue as well so that you don’t miss on out on any question due to lack of sufficient time.

4.Don’t be nervous

Be as relaxed and prepared as you can just before your SPM 2016. Practice deep breathing and meditation in case you are feeling scared or stressed out due to the exam pressure. Nervousness can be also avoided by taking short breaks in your study schedule and doing something of your choice like playing or listening to songs.

5.Follow a balanced routine

Following a balanced routine will be very useful for all the students in order to maintain their perfect health both physically and mentally. The students must not overdo in their studies or else they would not be able to perform properly. In other words, balance your study and rest. This also applies to your other activities such as eating habits. Try to eat nutritious and energy giving food items till SPM 2016 as it would help you to feel energetic and sit in the test with full vigor.